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Hello Bullgram Admin

What the minmum payout for payeer and paypal

About settings there is 2 fields called Payeer which one the right one

Offerwall how many time i need to wait for credited

Thank you in advance
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PP and Payeer minimum is $1, be fast for PP as I guess very soon we'll remove this option as PP block accounts for many companies.

Sry for that, please fill both fields with the same info and try withdraw. This script... hmmm if site will be successfull we'll look and pay for coders to fix all bugs.

Offerwalls pays instantly. Pls follow term- completely no proxy or vpn! Hope if you read all terms and spend a week on our pages all will be clear, otherwise contact our support. This forum is only alternative communication chanel and sometimes you may wait even weeks for answer.

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